More tragic shrinking of wildlife habitat

An inconvenient truth, at the office

Or, common sense, the oxymoron.  

Quick: you finish your lunch and approach the office dishwasher, only to find it full and marked “clean.”  What do you do?

  • set the dish in the sink, for magical elves to wash for you
  • put it in the dishwasher anyway, and hope nobody cares
  • leave your crap on the counter
  • lick it clean and put it in the cupboard

Sorry, you fail.  None of the above are acceptable human behavior.  We all wish you were fired, forever.  Instead, there are only two responses that are not sociopathic:

  1. hand wash and dry your dish
  2. put away every clean dish in the dishwasher, then put your dish in, and finally switch the sign from “clean” to “dirty”

If #2 even occurred to you, then you win, and you must suffer with the few of us who can grasp basic social decency, as the rest of humanity makes our lives an ordeal of Buddhist proportions.

I know, first world problems.  But seriously, people.

Clearly you have personal issues. And so do I because this bothers me.

#goat sign on Flickr.#goat sign

#goat sign on Flickr.

#goat sign

The night aquatic begins. on Flickr.

The night aquatic begins.

Shorter nose than the car. (at Savoy Tavern)

#pug town. #dogstagram (at Green Beans Coffee and Tea)

Hey old man. #Pareidolia

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That logo kinda looks like a 70’s motorcycle helmet from the side.